Welcome to my new site everyone! I hope you take some time and search around for a bit. I know that we are proud of it!  Some of the highlights of the site, I would like to point out are:

  • Community pages
  • Community links where you can find all relevant information regarding that community
  • Open Houses page. A page where it gives all upcoming open houses for the weekend.
  • Homefinder account. Create an account where you can save searches and sign in to use our site.
  • Sign up for the latest listings by also creating a homefinder account and putting in you own search parameters. They can also be emailed to you through site
  • Up to date with the latest design tips and real estate data from our Blog that will be updated 3 times a week.
  • Site refreshes every 15 minutes with latest market listings

Have fun and enjoy my site


Cindy Eckols