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In 1827, Hopedale was founded by Asron Orendorff. The original name of Hopedale was meant to be Osceola, but another town by that name already existed. The area of Hopedale was largely wooded with the Mackinaw, Little Mackinaw and the Indian Creek as the nearby water supplies. The Chicago and Alton Railroad made its way through town in 1868. At least 7 daily passenger trains were scheduled each day. 1954 The Hopedale Medical Complex (as it is now known) was started and has expanded over the years.

Several businesses have come and gone, and some still survive in Hopedale, including:
The Hopedale Review, Railsback Grain Company, Smelz Drug Store, Hunter Lumber Company, Rhoades Restaurant, Augsburger Hardware, Thompsons Super Market, Ed Sutters Tire Station, Gas stations with brands like Sinclair, Phillips 66 & Texaco, K&L Service, R. Myers Propane, Norman’s Shoe Shop, Rolefsons Funeral Home, Greismers Nursery, Smith’s Trucking and Feed Store, Ragland Builders, and Eichelberger Electric, just to name a few.
Estimated population in 2016 is 836

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